Alt History

We're sitting in a reasonably nice nottingham office furniture shop within the Delta terminal at Poor, and feel tired but a bit more human, following a moderately costly dinner far more of huge cold Pepsis lower the gullet.

We awoke today at 7ish, both very tired still after not enough sleep, and Susan immediately emerged having a bad situation from the dry heaves as i was at the shower. When she does something similar to this, it is extremely uncommon, and that i discovered later that they have been getting a large amount of gunk in her own stomach thanks to the allergic reactions/nasal drainage - that have been bad lately.

The overall degree of nerves, obviously, haven't assisted. Lots of people have requested when we were nervous within the last couple of days, and the reply is yes, i was - but regarding getting things done just before the trip, not concerning the baby and just what lay beyond that!

The 'getting stuff together' absolutely drenched our time, and that we did what we should could, thinking about. We have forgotten tiny problems, like my Sprint prepaid prepaid calling card, but nothing that can not be cured. Susan has her prepaid MCI prepaid calling card, though.

The worst problem today was the vehicle chair Susan wanted to have it correctly boardroom tables installed today as i drove her to Carl's junior to obtain a quick breakfast, but she was battling *hard* using the need to barf with a hard install. Ultimately, she gave up. It's in, although not adequately stiffened. Chrysler includes a program where they'll install your carseat for you personally, no matter what make of vehicle you've.

Susan will require it towards the local vehicle chair installer whenever we get back. Then, once it's in, it's there permanently. When Jean and Lary came by using the kids to consider us towards the airport terminal, she just wound up pushing everybody in Jean's minivan, instead of cope with the children seats being put in the van. It had been a good fit, but we managed to get.

In any event, the Hawkins-Greensley clan (who've been an amazing inspiration to us through this whole experience) were absolute troupers. They walked us up to the gate, handling a stand in line in the United terminal and us almost getting knocked from the flight (they'd oversold the flight, and that we turned up kinda late towards the gate due to stated line) - and gave us both a rousing sendoff, with a lot of good wishes and hugs. Once we got to the plane in the last possible minute, the two of us were singing 'I don't wanna wait - in my existence to become over...'

The flight from Chicago to LA was somewhat tiresome and lengthy plenty of hanging out around the office interiors at both finishes, and Susan and I were put into two cramped, uncomfortable economy seats. Susan crashed area of the means by, and that i wound up taking her earphones and hearing the in-flight movie (a rather dumb movie in regards to a rabbi, a priest, as well as their mutual best bud - from the opposite gender- and just how they finish in an intimate triangular over her).

We essentially attempted to create ourselves as comfortable as you possibly can, that was tricky. No butt room, no leg room, etc.